Meet our team.

"Musician and artist. Amateur juggler. Professional oyster shucker."

MattCEO & Founder

"Deep believer in team dynamics as the key to a successful outcome."

LucianoDirector of Engineering

"The only label that has ever stuck, or that I was willing to accept and wear proudly is 'creative'."

GaiusHead of Design

"Software developer, geek, father and wannabe musician."

DamiánLead Engineer

"Designer. Devourer of chocolate. Origami maniac. Duty-free shopaholic."

NatiLead UI Engineer & UX Designer

"Software Developer, GeoFreak, FOSS Evangelist, Barbecue Master, Wine lover, Noise Maker."

MauriLead Engineer

"Software Craftsman and lazy blogger. I love traveling, music and sports."

LeoLead Engineer